Shipping & returns

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Replacement and retrieval policy

Dear customer, we are pleased to help you in the Lolita store .. Please review our replacement and return policy


Cancel requests

The store has the right to cancel requests from our side in the following cases:

The customer delayed when paying more than 24 hours of creating the request

If the delivery address given by the customer is wrong or communication information is wrong or because the customer is unable to access

The customer was late to receive the request for more than 3 days
Replacement and retrieval within the day only from the date of request

Provided that the product is in a new case with the original packaging and the product does not open

Except for the following
Meals are not subject to return or replacement
The calculation of each region differs

All damage to the shipment must be reported to us within one day only the date of delivery in order to raise a request to the carrier

You must make sure of all the shipping order, details and products before completing the request, otherwise the customer must pay any costs resulting from replacement and retrieval from shipping, delivery and other expenses.

To ask to return any products, please write to us through conversation service with customer service via the site to send a retrieval form
The retrieval process takes some time to ship and check products and review
All products that are raised to replace or retrieve all the specifications and conditions of the retrieval must match


The customer has the right to replace or retrieve without any additional costs in the following cases only

The presence of a manufacturer defect in the product
The presence of damage to the product due to shipping
Receive a different product from the desired product
All shipping costs are deducted from the customer in the event of replacement or retrieval except for the previously mentioned cases, the store will bear all costs

In the event that the customer requests to return his amount, the process takes up to 14 working days or more until the amount is returned to the bank account, and the duration may differ from one bank to another

You cannot recover original shipping fees

Shipping policy

- Shipping operations are carried out from the store in cooperation with companies or delegates who are not affiliated with the store.

- The number of days of delivery mentioned in the store is intended for working days from Saturday to Thursday

-A delay may occur for 1-3 working days for the agreed period for the delivery .. The customer has the right to cancel the request with a retrieval of its value if a delay occurs for this period.

- The customer bears the process of following the shipment when any delay in shipping        occurs, by communicating directly with the company or the delegate responsible for shipping and the store does not obligate to follow up.

- Delay in delivery of shipments may occur during periods of crisis and some seasons.