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Barley Bread is one or the substitutes in Lolita healthy system:

- Meaning that, if the diet says eat bread, you can automatically substitute it with barely bread.

Isn't it enough that we'll drink asTalbina, you'll make us eat as bread too?

- Let's learn about the benefits of barley bread.

Barely bread is a laxative, a general tonic, and especially a nerve tonic:

1- Liver tonic.

2- Reduced blood pressure.

3- It is used in the treatment of diarrhea, dysentery, and enteritis.

4- Wholesome treatment for cough, throat roughness:

5- Diuretic.

6- Helps reduce cholesterol levels.

7- Barley is a cure for heart disease.

8- It protects against high blood pressure as potassium creates a balance between salt and water inside the cell.



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