1/4 Baladi Bread

Bread is an essential part of the daily food routine, for everyone, however, many associate eating white bread made from processed wheat grains with obesity and weight gain, but the nutritional value of bread varies according to its type, and for example, brown bread contains a greater amount of fiber compared to with white bread.

Lolita bread substitute
Products with millet flour, barley, oats, almond flour and matcha

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Picture of Barley & Oats Moon Bread

Barley & Oats Moon Bread

500 gm
75.00 ج.م.‏
Picture of chark bread ( almond flour )

chark bread ( almond flour )

450 gm
105.00 ج.م.‏
Picture of Shapata  Brown Bread Millet & oats
Picture of Sliced Matcha Toast

Sliced Matcha Toast

Full piece - sliced
215.00 ج.م.‏
Picture of  Millet Shapata Bread

Millet Shapata Bread

500 gm
90.00 ج.م.‏
Picture of Barley Bread with Cinnamon & Ginger